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Re: Executable fold environments stopped working

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  • From: Giovanni Piredda <address@hidden>
  • To: Murali Agastya <address@hidden>, TeXmacs <address@hidden>
  • Subject: Re: Executable fold environments stopped working
  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 17:07:43 +0100

Hi Murali,


I did it and executable fold environments work again now. It seems to me there is still something wrong, because I got the error message (from TeXmacs) "gs_to_png failed for ramdisc.//", but I am not sure that it was not there from previous attempts; on the other hand there has been another Ghostscript crash with again "gs crashed with SIGSEGV in gx_default_fill_path()" in the /var/crash/_usr_bin_gs.1000.crash file, but despite this the "exec-folds" still work.

If there is any further idea I would appreciate hearing about it :-)


On 14.02.21 07:21, Murali Agastya wrote:
Everytime something inexplicable happens, i tend to delete the .TeXmacs directory  (having saved my init files) and restart. Often it works out.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 10:24 AM Giovanni Piredda <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

Dear all,

since two days ago executable fold environments don't work anymore
on my
computer (with Ubuntu 20.10)---all of them; nothing is shown (I tried
e.g. with a "1+1" Python script). I think the fault lies with
Ghostscript crashing, there has been a crash notice from the
system simultaneously with the failing of the executable folds a few
times, and I have a crash file in/var/dump.

Here is a line in the crash file which maybe could give a hint:

gs crashed with SIGSEGV in "gx_default_fill_path" ()

Does anybody have suggestions on how figure out what stops executable
fold environments from showing their output?

Thanks in advance,


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