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Xmacs v2020.4

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  • From: Darcy Shen <address@hidden>
  • To: "texmacs-users" <address@hidden>
  • Subject: Xmacs v2020.4
  • Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2021 14:16:36 +0800
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## Important Changes
  • Based on GNU TeXmacs v1.99.19
  • With latest plugins
  • Using Qt 5
  • Additional Plugin:
## Disclaimer

Xmacs aims to be a distribution of GNU TeXmacs but not another TeXmacs. We do not encourage people to create pull requests to Xmacs. Please contribute to GNU TeXmacs directly.

## Roadmap

In 2021, focus on improving performance and Qt 5 integration.

In 2022, start to make Xmacs as a structured editor for code and lightweight markup language.

## Why Xmacs?

Typesetting is too complicated! Xmacs aims to be a simplified version of TeXmacs as its name indicates.
Source code and markdown/org/reStructuredText files are much more easier to render than documents.

For GNU TeXmacs, performance is relatively not a high priority. People who write books should not type too fast.
People who write code usually type fast. Sometimes, they stop and think about the design and the architecture.
That's why I plan to improve performance first.

The default document style of TeXmacs is generic. To add support for source code and lightweight markup language,
I'm always thinking about providing styles like scala/cpp/scheme/markdown/orgmode. And someday in 2022, start
Xmacs and the default document style will be markdown with a much more simplified menu. That's my plan!

  • Xmacs v2020.4, Darcy Shen, 03/07/2021

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