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Re: transform display equation in several equations

Chronological Thread 
  • From: Massimiliano Gubinelli <address@hidden>
  • To: Slava Rychkov <address@hidden>
  • Cc: Peter Rapčan <address@hidden>, texmacs-users <address@hidden>
  • Subject: Re: transform display equation in several equations
  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 23:01:22 +0100

Dear Slava,

On 16. Nov 2020, at 18:59, Slava Rychkov <address@hidden> wrote:

Ah OK. I have 13071. Not surprisingly, Joris’s revision is not there. But I guess I will just wait then.
Best, Slava

On 16 Nov 2020, at 18:57, Peter Rapčan <address@hidden> wrote:

you can try to add the scheme code below to your init-texmacs.scm (extracted from the current svn).
It seems to work for me, but I'm not sure if it will work in your version.

But maybe then you will have just to tweak a little. Then the shortcut Joris implements will be available to you until you can install a more recent version.

For a rapid test, just copy&paste the code in a Scheme session and then try the shortcuts on a math _expression_.


;; Switching between displayed equations and equation arrays

(define (search-labels t)
  (tree-search t (lambda (l) (tree-in? l (label-tag-list)))))

(define (cut-all t w)
  (cond ((tree-atomic? t) (noop))
        ((tree-is? t w) (tree-cut t))
        (else (for-each (cut cut-all <> w) (tree-children t)))))

(define (check-border? l empty?)
  (cond ((null? l) #t)
        ((and (not empty?) (nnull? (car l)) (!= (caar l) "")) #f)
        (else (check-border? (cdr l) (== (cAr (car l)) "")))))

(define (convertible-eqnarray? t)
  (let* ((rs (select (tm->stree t) '(:* row)))
         (rcs (map (lambda (r) (select r '(:* cell 0))) rs)))
    (check-border? rcs #t)))

(tm-define (eqnarray->equation t)
  (with labs (map tree-copy (search-labels t))
    (when (and (<= (length labs) 1) (convertible-eqnarray? t))
      (cut-all t 'label)
      (cut-all t 'eq-number)
      (let* ((l* (select t '(:* cell 0)))
             (l (if (null? labs) l* (cons (car labs) l*)))
             (c (apply tmconcat (map tree->stree l)))
             (n (if (null? labs) `(equation* ,c) `(equation ,c))))
        (tree-set! t n)
        (tree-go-to t 0 :end)))))

(define (binary-relations)
  (or (get-packrat-definition "std-symbols" "Relation-nolim-symbol") (list)))

(define (binary-relation? t)
  (in? (tm->stree t) (binary-relations)))

(define (atom-decompose t)
  (if (tree-atomic? t)
      (tmstring->list (tree->string t))
      (list t)))

(define (concat-decompose t)
  (cond ((tree-atomic? t) (atom-decompose t))
        ((tree-is? t 'concat)
         (apply append (map atom-decompose (tree-children t))))
        (else (list t))))

(define (make-eqn-row-sub l)
  (list "" (car l) (apply tmconcat (cdr l))))

(define (finalize-row l)
  `(row (cell ,(car l)) (cell ,(cadr l)) (cell ,(caddr l))))

(tm-define (equation->eqnarray t)
  (let* ((labs (map tm->stree (search-labels t)))
         (c* (tree-ref t 0))
         (c  (if (tree-func? c* 'document 1) (tree-ref c* 0) c*))
         (l0 (concat-decompose c))
         (l1 (list-filter l0 (lambda (x) (not (tm-is? x 'label)))))
         (l2 (list-scatter l1 binary-relation? #t)))
    (when (>= (length l2) 2)
      (cut-all t 'label)
      (let* ((l3 (cons (list (apply tmconcat (car l2))
                             (caadr l2)
                             (apply tmconcat (cdadr l2)))
                       (map make-eqn-row-sub (cddr l2))))
             (l4 (if (null? labs) l3
                     (rcons (cDr l3)
                            (rcons (cDr (cAr l3))
                                   (tmconcat (cAr (cAr l3))
                                             '(eq-number) (car labs))))))
             (l5 (map finalize-row l4))
             (r `(eqnarray* (document (tformat (table ,@l5))))))
        (tree-set! t r)
        (tree-go-to t 0 0 0 :last :last 0 :end)))))

;; Special toggles

  (:require (inside? 'equation*))
  ("C-&" (equation->eqnarray (tree-innermost 'equation*))))

  (:require (inside? 'equation))
  ("C-&" (equation->eqnarray (tree-innermost 'equation))))

  (:require (inside? 'eqnarray*))
  ("C-&" (eqnarray->equation (tree-innermost 'eqnarray*))))

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